ABOUT ME Hi! I'm Milagros Pacheco from Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m a University of Buenos Aires (UBA) Graphic Design graduate. I got my degree in 2008. Some time before graduating I realized that surface design was what I really wanted to work in, so I began Textile Design studies, also at the UBA. For over 10 years I worked as a freelance graphic designer, mainly in identity and editorial design projects. In 2010, while studying textile design, I started my own venture designing patterns and prints, Kublai Patterns. My work can be found in blogs such as Print & Pattern (UK) and Follow the Colors (Brazil). I currently live and work in Brazil, where I moved in 2012 looking not only for better job opportunities in surface design, but also to learn and dedicate myself entirely to this area. I’ve acquired skills and techniques necessary to improve my knowledge and be able to offer quality surface design work to various clients, including prints for local swimwear companies.

I like trying new styles, exploring my own abilities and giving versatility and variety to my work. Almost all my prints are handmade and digitally edited. Nature is what I draw inspiration from: I try to reflect the richness and colors of Brazil’s flora and the amazing power of creation, from which happiness and magic flow.